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Takatis Soundtrack Update

Upon multiple request we have added the soundtrack of Takatis to our SoundCloud page! Enjoy this classic early 2000s masterpiece of module music art that has been forged by a rather unexperienced me-from-the-past! It also contains a whole bunch of never-heard-before... read more

A New Developer Report

Hi all! As promised, I will be posting “developer reports” again. The only difference is that I will not name them “Developer Report [month][year]”, since I cannot promise that there will be somthing to write about each month. Or there will be... read more

Back with a vengeance

Boom! Here we go again. As promised in my last blogpost, all my “ventures” are from now on combined under one banner. winterworks, to be precise. I had split up my different works in the past. There was an eiswuxe.de website with some of my apps, the... read more

The blog is dead, long live the blog!

Hello all, first of all, I must apologize again for the ultra long delay since my last blog post. I have not written a word for over half a year now, which is an eternity in mobile gaming… There are several things going on at the moment which I cannot reveal... read more
It’s getting frosty!

It’s getting frosty!

The content update for Bloo Kid 2 has just been unleashed on the appstores! The update features: [list type=’1′ color=’blacl’] A complete new world with 9 new, action-packed levels Game-Controller support numerous bugfixes and tweaks lots of... read more

E-book update

It’s been a while since the latest e-book update. Many things have happened in the meantime, and I found time to integrate the most interesting stuff into the new update. With the new version, you will learn how my “facebook advertising campaign”... read more

Developer Report April 2014

I finally managed to come out of hiding! The last weeks have been quite turbulent and less productive, so I was not able to write any blogposts. I did not even have much things to write about. You may have noticed that the “Headline” of the blogpost is... read more

The Bloo Kid timeline

Finally, the release of Bloo Kid 2 is imminent! The game will be out for iOS on Thursday, 6th of March. Time to recall the story of Bloo Kid and the story of a three-years-lasting success. This is a rather unusual blog post. Don’t Panic! I will publish... read more