Developer Reports

We know how hard it is to start a business. Especially as an independent developer with no funding. When we decided to run a company in 2011, we were thankful for every piece of advise we could find. We were also motivating ourselves with other developers’ success-stories. And we immediately began blogging about all the stuff that did work for us. And the stuff that didn’t.

These experiences are written down here, to give back something and help other developers make their decisions. Welcome aboard!

Two more months in the underground

Hi everybody! In my last post I talked about Bloo Kid 2s recent success on Amazon Underground. Now, two months later, the story continues, with both the free Underground version and the premium Fire TV version picking up steam. For those of you not familiar with the... read more

Out of the Underground

Hi folks! Today I wanna talk to you about: Amazon Underground Some of you may have heard the recent success stories of Halfbrick, Coffe Stain Studios or developers I did not even know existed making more revenue on underground than everywhere else. The only way for me... read more

Bloo Kid 2: The definitive revenue breakdown

Hi all, it has been quiet here for too long now… You probably have noticed that I was busy porting Bloo Kid 2 to more target platforms. I was also experimenting with some other things like Amazon Underground, but this will follow in a (soon to come) blogpost.... read more

A New Developer Report

Hi all! As promised, I will be posting “developer reports” again. The only difference is that I will not name them “Developer Report [month][year]”, since I cannot promise that there will be somthing to write about each month. Or there will be... read more

Developer Report April 2014

I finally managed to come out of hiding! The last weeks have been quite turbulent and less productive, so I was not able to write any blogposts. I did not even have much things to write about. You may have noticed that the “Headline” of the blogpost is... read more

Monthly Report November 2013

Greetings! This month I managed to write a regular “monthly” report, not a “bi-monthly” one like the months before. I have heard your call (in the comments and in emails / twitter messages) so this month I will focus on the percentage... read more

Monthly Report July/August

First of all, let me appologize for the delay regarding this blogpost. I just did not find time to write something during the last weeks, so I once again “combined” two months into one post. One of the reasons was that I was visiting the gamescom in... read more

Monthly Report June 2013

Welcome to another monthly report. I’ll pick up where I left off in my last report: Affiliate links My monthly income via GeoRiot has increased from $286 to $338 without me doing anything. OK, I have added Brazil and all other south-american countries to my... read more

Monthly Report April + May 2013

I was very busy during the last two months so I did not find time to write about my april experiences. I decided to catch up on this by combining april and may into one blog post. I hope you don’t mind. As a result, I have lots of things to tell you this time. I... read more