Developer Reports

We know how hard it is to start a business. Especially as an independent developer with no funding. When we decided to run a company in 2011, we were thankful for every piece of advise we could find. We were also motivating ourselves with other developers’ success-stories. And we immediately began blogging about all the stuff that did work for us. And the stuff that didn’t.

These experiences are written down here, to give back something and help other developers make their decisions. Welcome aboard!

Monthly Report March 2013

Time for another mothly report. I’ll jump off right away with my iAd revenue. iAd Revenue Last month, I was very happy to announce my very first iAd revenue. Like expected, this revenue has grown a bit in march as you can see below: my iAd-revenue in march is... read more

Monthly Report February 2013

February is over, and my first iAd revenue report is here! Shortly after my last monthly report, corona released an update that fixed the iAd multitouch problems. So I immediately uploaded an updated version of Bloo Kid to the appstore that featured iAds. The... read more

Monthly Report January 2013

Greetings, mortal It is time for another report. The reaction to my last post, about the diagrams I show, was a bit sparse. In fact, only one person said his opinion about it. I nevertheless will add more pictues in my new posts. So I’ll start right away with... read more

“Monthly” report November / December 2012

It’s another “bimonthly” report this time, summarizing both November and December. This time, I have two great things for you to report. But first of all: Some words about my reports I have been doing these reports now for quite a while, and I will... read more

Monthly Report September / October 2012

First of all, sorry for the delay. I was too busy to write a report for September. So this time, I will combine September and October into one post. Bloo Kid’s delayed success I already told you in my August report how the downloads for Bloo Kid... read more

Monthly Report August 2012

Steadiness When I started my “business” and wrote a business-plan to get the funding, I did an income calculation that assumed that each app would have a “lifecycle” of a few months that reached its peak after a few weeks and then goes down to... read more

Monthly Report July 2012

So here comes another report. First of all I need to say that I was on vacation this month for twelve days, where the only thing that was related to my work was checking my downloads every now and then. I was nevertheless able to start some “experiments”... read more

Monthly Report June 2012

It’s time for another monthly income report. Overview My income slightly increased this month, which is mainly because I finally managed to release Car Puzzle for Toddlers for iOS this month. I also managed to make screenshots with $ instead of EUR this time... read more

Monthly Report May 2012

Overview May has been as successful as February and April in terms of AppStore and Play Store sales, meaning that I made about $7.500. I am still trying to reproduce that March income. I also sold 14 copies of my ebook in two weeks, resulting in another $420. A big... read more

Monthly Report April 2012

So here comes another monthly report, this time for April 2012. I did not manage to maintain that crazy income of march since my appstore sales have dropped. Not dramatically, but noticable. Like I mentioned in my former report, there might be a reason to this. So my... read more