About winterworks

winterworks is an independent game developer from germany. We create games for a wide audience, ranging from educational games for kids to classic video games for hardcore gamers. We try to reach as many gamers as possible and to cover every known platform, because we think that there are unlimited opportunities for great games out there.

Our roots lie in the 8-bit and 16-bit era of homecomputers and video game consoles, but we are fascinated by all facets which the last decades of video games have brought forward.

Jörg Winterstein

Jörg Winterstein

CEO / Jack of all trades

Jörg is the founder and (currently) sole employee of the company. After several more or less successful (but legendary funny) years in the german video games industry, he decided to start his own company to be able to create the games he loves. He does everything from coding to pixel-art, music and design.