Animal Fun Puzzle released

I have just released my latest app “Animal Fun Puzzle For Toddlers”. Read the full story HERE.
Now all the copycats that cloned my older apps can get some more inspiration on how to improve a puzzle app ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Would you mind sharing how much you paid for the graphics? Also, is there anywhere that you would recommend to find someone to do art?

    • I “paid” for the graphics by giving the artist some revenue share. That way, I could motivate him much more than just paying him a fixed amount. Plus, it was no problem to tell him to redo some graphics if I dont like them. It was the best solution for both of us. I will go a bit more into detail into this one in my next blogpost.

  2. Hello again
    what i can see this app ain’t going so well in the top lists?
    something strange is going on in the apps store
    6 month ago all my new apps got the chance to prove them self
    whit at least some days in top the list

    the last month i relapsed 3 medium good apps and the all have start from 100+ in the list
    the last one didn’t even get listed

    something have change ๐Ÿ™

    do see the same on you apps??
    Mail me if you want to exchange experiences


    • Yes, the new app does not have such high appstore rankings as my former apps, but this can have multiple reasons. I am going to talk about this in detail in my upcoming blogpost, so stay tuned =)

  3. i have Just downloaded it and tried it
    the moving parts is real good
    i’m impressed
    you have set a new standard in puzzles

    I will definitely copy that part next time i do a puzzle ๐Ÿ™‚
    Again great job

    • Good luck =)

  4. looks great!
    good job

    have you traced the images your self ?
    Relay like the carton style


    • Thanks!

      No, this time, the graphics were done by a professional artist I once worked with while I was still in the industry.


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