Here we go again. As promised in my last blogpost, all my “ventures” are from now on combined under one banner. winterworks, to be precise.

I had split up my different works in the past. There was an website with some of my apps, the blog with reports about my journey, the website that operated as the legal entity in the background, and many other stuff like the Turrican-esque Freeware game Hurrican that I created years ago along with many other games I have done in the past.

The main reason of combining all this stuff was: to simplify my life.

I had several logins for Twitter-Accounts, wordpress blogs, facebook accounts and so on. And I always had to retweet and share my own news accross multiple channels to cover all my reach. Not to say I had many different graphical designs, and none of them was good enough for my “current self”. And since I am a little lazy at times, this situation was enough to discourage me of writing anything at all for far too often. So I am very optimistic that having everything in one place will help me publish much more stuff (and get much more things done!). This means, more blogposts, more tweets, more reports, more rants and more insight into what is going on with my future games.

In the wake of this “change”, our twitter account has also be renamed to @winterworksDE, and there is a new facebook page for the company. So please update your bookmarks accordingly 😉



A strong reason for my fellowship are without a doubt my developer reports. Rest assured that all the transparency and openness that you love will remain. Winterworks might be a company, but that does not prevent me from doing things my way.

You can find all past reports here. I will come up with a new post very soon. And then I will stick to a more or less regular routine.



The reason why I am doing all of this. I have added a games section to give an overview of my work. It only features a handful of games at the moment, but I will travel far into my past and add all stuff I can dig out to fill this section with many intereting games in the coming weeks.



I have stopped selling my e-book some months ago because of two reasons: One was the ongoing technical difficulties with my online-shop system. The second was that the content of the book is quite outdated by now. I am planning to do a complete rework of the ebook and put it on sale once it is finished. Until then, just stay tuned 🙂


What about Eiswuxe

I chose to abandon the Eiswuxe-“brand” (if you want to call it like this), since Eiswuxe is my nickname. It was never intended to be seen as a company-thing in any form. It was just foolishly the name under which I started making games profesionally. This website is now my work. So it’s just natural that you find the support and contact form on this site as well. I have also renamed my facebook page and Twitter-Account to “winterworks”, to remove all the rest of confusion for anyone.

So please feel free to tell me what you think in the comments section. Or just use the contact form to get in touch. I am hoping to hear from you!