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Puzzles for Toddlers and Kids available for Nintendo Switch

Our brand-new puzzle collection Puzzles for Toddlers and Kids is now also available for the Nintendo Switch! This app is extremely easy to use and was tailored with great care to be played by children of all ages. It is battle-tested and absolutely frustration free. Chances are that this is the only puzzle-app you will ever need! 100% child-friendly: NO adsNO social mediaNO outgoing linksNO subscription NO hidden costs Check out the app on the Nintendo eShop HERE! Email Address... read more

Puzzles for Toddlers and Kids released

Time for a new kids-app! Our brand-new puzzle collection Puzzles for Toddlers and Kids has just been released to the App Store! This app is extremely easy to use and was tailored with great care to be played by children of all ages. It is battle-tested and absolutely frustration free. Chances are that this is the only puzzle-app you will ever need! 100% child-friendly: NO adsNO social mediaNO outgoing linksNO subscription NO hidden costs Check it out on the iOS App Store HERE! (Android coming... read more

Bloo Kid(d) Time Travel Mysteries, part 3

Here we go again! After focussing on the impact of Bloo’s eponymous hairdo and after taking a closer look at the influence that some of the Boss enemies have had, we are now going to focus on the architecture and its impact that resonates through the digital pages of retrogaming history. Most of you will remember the miracles they experienced as a Kidd while playing videogames, and I am no exception. Somehow, when playing a specific first level over and over again, I felt that there was something strange but yet familiar about the leveldesign. like it has already been planted into my mind just to be unleashed decades later, when I designed “Green Hills 1-7”. A look at “1-7” in the Tiled Map Editor that was used for Bloo Kid 2 They did not have “Star” sprites back then, so they used “Star Boxes”. How creative… More “Blasphemy” The influence of Bloo’s inspirational architecture is not limited to console games of the past. Even titles from homecomputers of old have pre-taken my ideas and incorporated them into some of the most memorable games of that bygone era. The now debunked impostor even aimed at a “3D-like” look, in a time when 3D was not even a thing! The original marble tiles in their colorful glory They needed to use dithering to mimic the vibrant and more detailed palette of Bloo Kid 2 Keep on rollin’ Now for some really remarkable afford to “cover tracks“. When the brilliant Odallus – the dark call hit the gaming world in 2015, it was (advisably) praised for its retro charme and was... read more

Bloo Kid 2 Troubleshooting

Hey there. To all of you who bought Bloo Kid 2 on the Nintendo Switch:THANK YOU very much for your support! If you experience a “freeze” during the startup of the game (at the “headup games” logo, to be precise) then just try this simple workaround:Shutdown your Switch completely, then boot it up again. This should fix the issue. We have already fixed the bug for real and are just waiting for the updated version to hit the eShop. Until then, use the... read more

Bloo Kid Time Travel Mysteries, part 2

Welcome back to another part of the Bloo Kid Time Travel mysteries series, where I will unmask some of the biggest copy cats in retro gaming history. While part one solved the mysteries around Bloo’s blue hair we are now going to take a closer look at some of the boss enemies in the Bloo Kid universe… Copper Axe Many of you will remember the axe-wielding Knight Boss from the first Bloo Kid game. Somehow Sega thought that it would be a good idea to prename one of the best beat ’em ups of all times after his particular axe. You all know what game I’m talking about. The fact that they placed the Golden Axe into the hands of a player character and let Death Adder himself carry a golden axe that is disguised as a copper axe is just another shameless effort to hide the true source of inspiration. And it is one of those mysteries that has riddled me ever since I was a child… Don’t blame the palette restrictions! Gold works for the dwarf, so why not for Death Adder? Altered Reality One year earlier, Sega released a title about a resurrected centurion that could turn into a mighty beast with special powers. Of course we are talking Altered Beast here. This game was the main reason why I wanted to own a Sega Genesis so badly! However, had I known at this time that they blatantly stole my future idea I would have wished for a SNES instead… Who has the bigger balls? Shallow Waters However, Sega is not the only company that saved... read more

Bloo Kid Time Travel Mysteries

With Bloo Kid 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch soon and Bloo Kid 3 officially announced, I would like to take the time and start a series of blogposts that I call the “Bloo Kid Time Travel Mysteries”. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox Sure, the past has an impact on the present. But with the latest Terminator movie getting devastating reviews, one might start to question “can the present have an impact on the past?”. The Bloo Kid series has been criticized in the past (there is this word again) for being uninspired and uncreative when it comes to its presentation and gameplay mechanics. People even go as far as accusing Bloo of stealing ideas from older games. They could not be more wrong. It’s the other way round! By strange and obscure ways unknown to man, Bloo Kid has somehow managed to inspire a bunch of games in the past. I will give you the prove here, just as Yacht Club Games has done for Shovel Knight. Whoever has wondered why “Bloo” is called “Bloo” should wonder no more. Just look at his hair. But how influential has his iconic haircolor become? Bloo Kid in Monster World ? Whoa dude! I will start with one of my all-time favorite games that goes by the wonderful name “Wonder Boy V: Monster World III” (also known as “Wonder Boy in Monster World” (and also released as “The Dynastic Hero” (and also re-branded as “Monica’s Gang in the Monsters’ Land” in Brazil))). Bloo’s haircolor has inspired many characters in the past. Pros might spot even more Bloo Kid inspirations here… Notice the... read more

Bloo Kid 2 for Nintendo Switch

Finally! Hey folks! We now have an official release date! Bloo Kid 2 for Nintendo Switch will be released November 18th on both the north american and the european eShop, priced at $4,99 / €4,99. Additionally, preorders will be available from November 11th with a 20% discount, so that’s $3,99 / €3,99! And don’t forget to signup for the Bloo Kid 3... read more

Cryosleep Sequence Aborted

I can’t believe that the last news entry is now more than two years old… But without further ado I will proceed to tell you the good news: We are finally back on track and very determined to pick up were we left some years ago: Create games.We also want to pickup what was then known as our “monthly reports”, to prevent all other developers out there from making our mistakes again. Besides working on two brand-new apps aiming at children (think of Animals For Toddlers and Animal Puzzle For Toddlers reloaded) we have also managed to put things on the right track for a Bloo Kid 2 Switch version. The nice guys from German indie publisher Headup will help us to bring the game to the eShop, and you can expect a release later this year. Soon! Check out the new Nintendo Switch announcement trailer here. As soon as this one is finished, we will indeed consider a Switch version of Hurrican, finally bringing this much beloved gem of pure 90s run-and-gun action to everbody’s favorite gaming platform. On top of that, we are very pleased to announce that chances are very high for a new game in the Bloo Kid gaming series. Yes, that was a (potential) “Bloo Kid 3” announcement right there. Many of you have asked us in the past if this was possible and we have heard your call. And so we searched for a way to fund such a big new project (because it will be bigger than Bloo Kid 2 for sure) and with a bit of luck we found it. More... read more

Bloo Kid World 8 Update – 12 new levels

Fans of Bloo Kid rejoice! Today, after years of waiting, there is a new update available for the original Bloo Kid! What started out as a small update to save Bloo from the 32-bit apocalypse has turned into a content update with 12 brand-new levels! Pickup the game now to be the first to collect all 288 stars! Depending on how the update is received, we will consider pumping out even more worlds in the near future! The update is available for iOS right now and will come to Android later this week! new enemies and challenges await Bloo in the brand new world 8... read more
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