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Bloo Kid 2 for Amazon Fire TV

Hi everybody, since the release of the Bloo Kid 2 bonus levels for the 3DS is still pending we were busy bringing the game to another platform: The Amazon Fire TV. The game is available right now in the Amazon Appstore and it is optimized for use with the Amazon Gamecontroller. Of course it works with the Fire TV remote and also with touch-screen as well. We have integrated Amazon Game Circle for achievements and leaderboards. AND this version also contains the bonus levels which are about to be available with the upcoming 3DS update. So get the game here and play it on the big screen... read more

Bloo Kid OST available

Don’t ask me why, but somehow the Bloo Kid soundtrack was never made available in public. We have now catched up on this and released the soundtrack on soundcloud. You can also download the tracks there for free! Have fun!... read more