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Bloo Kid 2 Feedback

Hi all, it’s been an incredible weekend, reading Bloo Kid 2 reviews and answering peoples questions about the game, but also learning about their concerns and what bothers them about the game! First of all, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all reviewers, players, supporters and all people at Nintendo who made all of this possible! Even though now would be the time to celebrate, we are by no means going to laze around! We are already working on the promised Bonus-Levels. Having heared quite a few complaints about the “feature parity” of the 3DS and the mobile version we decided to bring the bonus levels to the 3DS first, to reason the difference in pricing. Addionally, we will be adding the following features to the 3DS version: Circle-Pad support The ability to look up/down Better distinction between “background-tiles” and “background-platforms” Checkpoints during the levels We cannot state a release date yet, since especially implementing the checkpoints needs some more thought. But we wanted to inform you as soon as possible that we take your criticism seriously and that we will do our best to improve Bloo Kid... read more