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Hi all,

pink_girl_thank_youit’s been an incredible weekend, reading Bloo Kid 2 reviews and answering peoples questions about the game, but also learning about their concerns and what bothers them about the game! First of all, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all reviewers, players, supporters and all people at Nintendo who made all of this possible!

Even though now would be the time to celebrate, we are by no means going to laze around! We are already working on the promised Bonus-Levels. Having heared quite a few complaints about the “feature parity” of the 3DS and the mobile version we decided to bring the bonus levels to the 3DS first, to reason the difference in pricing.

Addionally, we will be adding the following features to the 3DS version:

  • Circle-Pad support
  • The ability to look up/down
  • Better distinction between “background-tiles” and “background-platforms”
  • Checkpoints during the levels

We cannot state a release date yet, since especially implementing the checkpoints needs some more thought. But we wanted to inform you as soon as possible that we take your criticism seriously and that we will do our best to improve Bloo Kid 2.

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  1. Great job with the update for the 3DS! Its fun going back to BK2 after a break from it (primarily due to all the other gamee ive bought since!). Will absolutely buy this again if it comes out for the Wii U! I sure hope thats still happening!

    • Hey, thanks for the praise. Great to hear you picked up the game to play it again!
      The WiiU will still be happning sometime soon. We are also considerung “cross-buy” between WiiU and 3DS (like XeoDrifter does), even though that might be a bad choice for a small studio.

  2. Your game is fantastic, its amazing a majority of this was done by one guy. Kudos! Cant wait till the update releases! This would be a amazing addition to the Wii U eShop. Theres so much shovelware on there ; it would be great to have a hidden gem like this in there to brighten the barren selection of quality indies.

    Not a complaint at all, but it would be cool if you updated the eShop page and mentioned the update. It would lead to more sales i think! Keep up all the good work Jorg!

    • Thanks for all the praise! We are planning (and soon working on) a Wii U version, so stay tuned 🙂
      Of course, the eShop page will be updated as well once the content-update is live.

  3. Nightmare mode is The Ascent without checkpoints,
    practically. ONE wrong jump, and its all over again! You should at least place one right after the first blue flying enemy in that level, or after the area with the clouds and the spiked walls.

    Love your game, but i can DEFINITIVELY see how reviewers feel the difficulty is a little unfair. I felt almost as frustrated at the mine cart levels.

    One last thougt about checkpoints is you should be able to keep all progress you’ve done up until that checkpoint (enemies bopped, stars collected, hearts kept) except for of course the clock goal. Its maddening to collect all but just one star in those autoscroll/mine levels.

    • Thanks for you feedback! We are very close to submitting the update, and it will contain checkpoints for every level for easy, normal and hard mode. Nightmare is without checkpoints 🙂

  4. Your game looks promising. But if you implement similar camera techniques found in Mario world your game could be better.

    This it’s what I’m talking about

    Also if you plan on adding check points don’t forget to include a hard mode with no check points.

    • Thanks for your feedback! It is already planned that the checkpoints will not be available in Nightmare mode 🙂

      Regarding the camera: We already included a slightly similar camera like in mario world. Espacially the “the camera only scrolls vertical if you stand on solid ground” stuff. But since the field of view is much smaller than in mario world, the “hard border” were the camera must clamp so that the player does not jump out of the screen is a bit more limited like in mario.



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