Bloo Kid 2 Review – gaming way – 15/20

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  1. Although it’s been some time since you wrote this posting I figure this is the best place to ask: I understand you used MonkeyX for BlooKid 2. Do you still use it for your current projects or do you think something else is better suited for multi-platform development today? Case in point being easy inclusion of Ads, in-app-purchases and social networks.

    • At the moment, I am working on my own technology for my upcoming project(s). I want to target current-gen consoles mainly, and writing a new monkey-target for all of the platforms would also cost a lot of time, so I will put in a bit more and make my own stuff.

      I have lost the track of all the frameworks lately, but I think IAP and social networks should work on many major frameworks, like Unity or Corona. Corona still seems a bit limited if you only use the “free” version. You might also want to try gamemaker, since it has brought forward some very convincing games on many platforms lately.

  2. Congrats on releasing bloo kid2 on the nintendo store. It’s a really high quality game.

    • Thank you very much!


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