Bloo Kid 2 Troubleshooting

Hey there. To all of you who bought Bloo Kid 2 on the Nintendo Switch:
THANK YOU very much for your support!

If you experience a “freeze” during the startup of the game (at the “headup games” logo, to be precise) then just try this simple workaround:

Shutdown your Switch completely, then boot it up again.

This should fix the issue.

We have already fixed the bug for real and are just waiting for the updated version to hit the eShop. Until then, use the workaround.


  1. Thought I’d say I’m really liking the Switch port! The resolution boost is very noticeable; its like im playing a whole different game with how much more i can see on screen. So much for playing this on my 3DS! Can’t wait to see Bloo Kid 3!

    • Thanky you very much!


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