Welcome back to another part of the Bloo Kid Time Travel mysteries series, where I will unmask some of the biggest copy cats in retro gaming history.

While part one solved the mysteries around Bloo’s blue hair we are now going to take a closer look at some of the boss enemies in the Bloo Kid universe…

Copper Axe

Many of you will remember the axe-wielding Knight Boss from the first Bloo Kid game. Somehow Sega thought that it would be a good idea to prename one of the best beat ’em ups of all times after his particular axe.

You all know what game I’m talking about. The fact that they placed the Golden Axe into the hands of a player character and let Death Adder himself carry a golden axe that is disguised as a copper axe is just another shameless effort to hide the true source of inspiration. And it is one of those mysteries that has riddled me ever since I was a child…

Don’t blame the palette restrictions! Gold works for the dwarf, so why not for Death Adder?

Altered Reality

One year earlier, Sega released a title about a resurrected centurion that could turn into a mighty beast with special powers. Of course we are talking Altered Beast here. This game was the main reason why I wanted to own a Sega Genesis so badly! However, had I known at this time that they blatantly stole my future idea I would have wished for a SNES instead…

Who has the bigger balls?

Shallow Waters

However, Sega is not the only company that saved time by stealing my ideas. No-one else but Nintendo themselves did “lend” ideas from Bloo Kid. From the boss of the icy wastes, Spikey Mc Spike, to be more specific. That spikey fish first appeared in Super Mario World iirc. Reducing colors and resolution of a sprite does not qualify as “original”, remember that!

Spot the impostor! Hint: it’s not the one on the left…

The Ancient Tree of No-Ledge

I saved up the biggest bang for the grand finale. This is the one that “the internet” was upset about the most. The angry tree with the funny face is called “Woody“, and he is the first boss that players encounter in Bloo Kid 2.

To my very annoyance, a clone of him called “Whispy Woods” (what an uncreative name for a tree!) has found its way into the Kirby Game Series.

Now I hear what you say… “You did neither invent the tree, nor did you invent the face. So why do you think a tree with a face is a rip-off?”.
Yes, you are right. It might as well be a complete coincidence. Yet I can’t get rid of the fact that the “copy” has that distinctive long nose, very much like Pinocchio, whose nose grows as soon as he is lying… Think about it!

Spot the impostor! Hint: it’s the one on the left…

That’s it for now. But rest assured that there are still plenty of dark secrets left to be uncovered in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned!