With Bloo Kid 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch soon and Bloo Kid 3 officially announced, I would like to take the time and start a series of blogposts that I call the “Bloo Kid Time Travel Mysteries”.

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Sure, the past has an impact on the present. But with the latest Terminator movie getting devastating reviews, one might start to question “can the present have an impact on the past?”.

The Bloo Kid series has been criticized in the past (there is this word again) for being uninspired and uncreative when it comes to its presentation and gameplay mechanics. People even go as far as accusing Bloo of stealing ideas from older games. They could not be more wrong. It’s the other way round! By strange and obscure ways unknown to man, Bloo Kid has somehow managed to inspire a bunch of games in the past. I will give you the prove here, just as Yacht Club Games has done for Shovel Knight.

Whoever has wondered why “Bloo” is called “Bloo” should wonder no more. Just look at his hair. But how influential has his iconic haircolor become?

Bloo Kid in Monster World ?

Whoa dude!

I will start with one of my all-time favorite games that goes by the wonderful name “Wonder Boy V: Monster World III” (also known as “Wonder Boy in Monster World” (and also released as “The Dynastic Hero” (and also re-branded as “Monica’s Gang in the Monsters’ Land” in Brazil))).

Bloo’s haircolor has inspired many characters in the past. Pros might spot even more Bloo Kid inspirations here…

Notice the striking similarities of Bloo and Shion (the protagonist of Wonder Boy V). This cannot be a coincidence!

Just as a side note: The soundtrack to the original “Wonder Boy V” is absolutely awesome. Do yourself a favor and listen to it here!

More proof

Whoa dude?

To mess up with the grandfather paradox a bit, I have spotted some more recent games that have been released after the first release of Bloo Kid in 2011. So the present changed the past which then altered the future… Are you still with me?

There exists a fabulous remake of “Wonderboy III: The Dragon’s Trap” called “Wonderboy: The Dragon’s Trap” (D’oh!).

There’s also a brand new and equally wonderful game in the Wonder Boy series called “Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom” (double D’Oh!).

Green Kid?

Pink Girl

The Dragon’s Trap draws heavy inspiration from Bloo’s well-known hairstyle. The fact that they changed the haircolor from blue to green is just a cheap effort to hide the original source of inspiration. And when looking at the female protagonist (Yes, there is a Wonder Girl mode!) you can clearly see where that inspiration came from… it’s Bloo’s beloved “Pink Girl“.

a change of color indicates a more powerful enemy…

$10 Haircut

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom does not even try to deny the fact that its protagonist is just a shameless copycat.

Bloo and Monster Boy clearly visit the same hairdressers… (Photo: FDG Entertainment)

Mix it all together

And just to blow your mind a little bit more: Yes, there is also a game in the series that features a female protagonist with green hair. Now what?

I like!

Final Words

Now try to wrap your brain around the final fact that all the “Wonder / Monster Boy” games of old anticipate what is indeed planned as a “Bloo Kid in Monster World” game that will be created sometime in the future.

Bloo Kid in Monster World… a past and future secret? Only time(travel) will tell…

Now it is the beginning of a fantastic story, and I will reveal more shameless rip-offs in the near future. Stay tuned!