Bloo Kid World 8 Update – 12 new levels

Fans of Bloo Kid rejoice!

Today, after years of waiting, there is a new update available for the original Bloo Kid!

What started out as a small update to save Bloo from the 32-bit apocalypse has turned into a content update with 12 brand-new levels! Pickup the game now to be the first to collect all 288 stars! Depending on how the update is received, we will consider pumping out even more worlds in the near future!

The update is available for iOS right now and will come to Android later this week!

new enemies and challenges await Bloo in the brand new world 8 update



  1. It was like 1 year ago i completed both of your games and i missed them. But o feel bad to download it back becaus it rarely gets updated. I hope you will make a Bloo kid 3, or some kind of multiplayer mode like level publishing with Level editor and creating packs (worlds) and levels with them, or any kind of updates more often ( im not talking about bugfixes ).

  2. Hi, I really love your traditional retro game Bloo Kid.

    But, even after you had updated the game, I still have a problem when launch the app. It always crashes. I use an iPhone 6 (10.2.1). Would you like to check the problem and fix it?

    Thanks a lot.

    • Hey Stephen,
      too bad to hear. We will look into this, thanks for reporting!

  3. Hey, this is fantastic news. Personally, I’m a much bigger fan of Bloo Kid 2, I consider it one of the best, if not the best, sidescroller platformers on iOS. I tell everyone I can about it.

    So if you’re keeping track, my vote is for more Bloo Kid 2 content!

    • Hey Phil, thanks for the praise!
      Basically, we just wanted to add 64-bit support but then decided that new content could help reviving the game. We will see how this turns out and if there will be even more content for Bloo Kid 1. If this works though, we will also consider adding more levels to BK2. And then there will be BK3 sometime in the future, but at the moment I am working alone on the games for most of the time, so I can’t do anything at once 🙁

      • Wait! You said you work alone?! You are supposed to be a group of people who are usually working on BK and BK2,
        whats going on??

        • No, its just me.

        • This was a hard, but fun world. It was mostly fair, with some hiccups. But I may ask, where is Bloo Kid 2 on Google Play?

          • It will return soon 🙂

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