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I can’t believe that the last news entry is now more than two years old… But without further ado I will proceed to tell you the good news:

We are finally back on track and very determined to pick up were we left some years ago: Create games.
We also want to pickup what was then known as our “monthly reports”, to prevent all other developers out there from making our mistakes again.

Besides working on two brand-new apps aiming at children (think of Animals For Toddlers and Animal Puzzle For Toddlers reloaded) we have also managed to put things on the right track for a Bloo Kid 2 Switch version. The nice guys from German indie publisher Headup will help us to bring the game to the eShop, and you can expect a release later this year.


Check out the new Nintendo Switch announcement trailer here.

As soon as this one is finished, we will indeed consider a Switch version of Hurrican, finally bringing this much beloved gem of pure 90s run-and-gun action to everbody’s favorite gaming platform.

On top of that, we are very pleased to announce that chances are very high for a new game in the Bloo Kid gaming series. Yes, that was a (potential) “Bloo Kid 3” announcement right there. Many of you have asked us in the past if this was possible and we have heard your call. And so we searched for a way to fund such a big new project (because it will be bigger than Bloo Kid 2 for sure) and with a bit of luck we found it. More on that in a few days!

Last but not least we will update some of our most popular older apps and submit new versions to Google Play and the App Store. We have received many complaints about older apps not being available anymore and we did not find time to address this issue yet, but things will get better!

Stay tuned, because there will be frequent updates from now on.

All the best,


  1. I know this is off-topic, but will there be a Hurrican 2? 😍 A continuation of the best game ever?

    • As soon as we have the (financial) possibilities for it, we will do it for sure.

  2. Hurrican und Bloo Kid 3 on Switch?! Really great news!

  3. I have been wanting a enhanced port to consoles for years! Was very happy to see the news on nintendolife! Ill be buying this day one! Super excited there’s a tease for a third game! My Switch may havr Mario Maker 2, but ill still dedicate many hours to 100%ing the switch port!

    • What ever happened to that 3DS port of the first game?

      • It’s still lingering around somehow. If the BK2 switch version performs well, chances are we will pick it up and release it for 3DS / Switch as well!

  4. Oh yes oh yes oh yes !

    I’m very happy for Bloo Kid 2 & 3 ! And man, getting Hurrican on the go for the Switch :O !

    YES !


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