und der falsche Ritter



Another mystery adventure game starring The Horse Gang: Karolin, Chris and Philipp.

This time the three young detectives are looking forward to a spectacular riding competition with a medieval theme in town. Riders from all over Europe are expected to show up. Among them is the Spanish vaulting professional Franco, who is an old friend of Chris' parents, and he is staying on the Hohenhain estate just like his brother, Luis. Shortly afterwards, however, the Horse Gang learns that there is something wrong with Luis. He seems to be mad at his brother – but why? Just moments before the competition starts, the situation runs out of hand and Franco disappears. Chris, Karolin and Philipp are expecting the worst. Can the Horse Gang help?

You play Chris, Karolin and Philipp alternately to unravel the mystery. Besides riding and horse care, collect objects and combine them, and talk to various other in-game characters. Figure out how to make your own medieval costume and solve other riddles. If you need some help with the mystery, you can consult the logbook where every member of the Horse Gang set out the main tasks and their approaches to the solution.