Welcome to my-indie-story!

Now it’s finally online: the new face of my monthly reports, formerly online at This is the reason why there have not been any more updates lately, because I was busy building this. I first wanted to finish this website, to have a new “stage” where I can write about my developer-story. is more or less the product-page for my kid’s apps. I am very pleased that my apps are that successful, and I wanted to have a clear cut between that Eiswuxe / Kid’s stuff and all the other things I am currently working on. The monthly reports and my personal opinion were a bit out of place on my old blog, so I just started something new. will change in the near future, away from a blog to a more “company style” website, featuring my kid’s apps.

But this site is more than just “the reports”. It is my new “lair” where I can dwell on my own, apart from my (admittedly not very looked-after) public image, and work on more not-so-mainstream games. Of course, you will get updated soon about what I am working on at the moment.

You surely have noticed that I wrote an e-book that contains ALL my current knowledge and experience about making a living out of my apps. So if you have always looked for a way to appreciate my reports or my work in general, I would be glad if you would buy a copy. You will get free lifetime updates 🙂

If you don’t need the e-book but want to support me nevertheless, then be sure to spread the word about this website! It would help me a lot and motivate me to continue with what I do now.

I will post the income report for May tomorrow, so be sure to come back!

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