When I started my “business” and wrote a business-plan to get the funding, I did an income calculation that assumed that each app would have a “lifecycle” of a few months that reached its peak after a few weeks and then goes down to near zero. This way, I had to pump out apps every one or two months to maintain a steady income. My plan on “increasing” my income was that I would learn from each app and be able to create more appealing apps over time, so I could charge more for them and thus get more revenue from them, until they go down to zero again like I assumed in my business plan.

Luckily, I was totally wrong about that assumption. My apps seem to be very sustainable, selling roughly the same amount every week. As you can see below, my total income for the last months is quite steady.

For the last months, the total daily income seldom dropped below $200, so you can easily calculate my minimum monthly income

Since the sales are that steady for the last MONTHS, I can now totally focus on my next real “game”, without being afraid that my income drops to zero over night. I will update my existing apps every now and then to keep them running, but most of the time I will concentrate on my upcoming game (of which I will show you some “footage” in the coming days…)

Inneractive ad income

Like I told you in my July report, I decided to release the FREE version of Bloo Kid with all levels. So the only difference to the paid version are the ads. I used inneractive for displaying the ads, an “app monetization exchange” service that combines multiple ad networks and can thus provide a better fill-rate for ads than a single ad-network can. Check out the ad revenue below:

Compared to my last month’s ad revenue from Bloo Kid, you can clearly see that I made twice the revenue from inneractive than I did with inmobi.

inmobi $167 with 1,5 million impressions
inneractive $345 with 1,3 million impressions (== 90% of 1,455 million requests)

Combined with ad revenue of my other apps, I ended up with $482 from ads this month. Only very few of my apps still contain ads, since I removed them from most of my apps due to “moral issues” I have with displaying ads in kids apps. But if you have a bunch of free apps that feature ads, you can make quite a revenue with it!

So how did I increase my Bloo Kid revenue?

Full version for FREE

There has been a LITE version of Bloo Kid available that displays ads since the very first release of the game. At first, it contained only the first world (12 levels), the rest had to be bought. Later on, I decided to offer the first FOUR worlds (out of seven) for free in the LITE version. But the downloads really increased after I offered the whole game for free. It seems to me that there is some psychological stuff going on in the minds of the people. If they get the FULL game for free, they are more willing to download it. Even if they would get more than 50% of the game (which was the case with four worlds) they sometimes don’t download.

It took some time after the release of the full version until the downloads increased, and I must admit I am not quite sure why it happened a bit “delayed”, but nevertheless it happened


I noticed that I totally forgot to mention my e-book sales! I made $350 in July and $260 in August. Thanks to everyone who bought the e-book so far. I would also like to mention that from all the 60 people that bought the book since its release, only TWO have asked for (and of course have been granted) a refund. Both of them were very experienced app developers who claimed that they already found out a big portion of the content themselves.

What now

I have submitted another kids app that is currently waiting for review in the appstore. It combines the puzzles and the “farm for toddlers” mechanics. This one was created with a former colleague who created the whole graphics, as I was wondering what difference art from a professional artist makes when it comes to kids apps. I hope I will learn soon (and then tell you).

As I told you above, there is a new “normal” (read: not specifically for kids) game in development which I am creating with the Monkey programming language. My plan is to release it to mobile AND win/mac (maybe XBOX Indie Games). I am going back to my 80s and 90s platforming roots like I did with Bloo Kid, but this time it will involve some heavy shooting and exploring 🙂

I abandoned the “Rocket Ninja Cyborg” idea for now, since the idea I had with it was more “casual” focused and aimed for a broad audience to maximize success. After reading this short article about “Beat Sneak Bandit”, I was reassured that I should make a game that I myself would really love to play. I bet there are others out there that will like it, too. Especially if you are a fan of the Turrican and/or Metroid franchise…

That’s all for now.