February is over, and my first iAd revenue report is here!

Shortly after my last monthly report, corona released an update that fixed the iAd multitouch problems. So I immediately uploaded an updated version of Bloo Kid to the appstore that featured iAds. The Fullscreen ads in Bloo Kid are now alternating iAds and RevMob ads. This way, I tried to get the best of both worlds.

First of all: I did not make as much revenue as I have expected / hoped for. But it’s still a nice addition to my overall revenue.

My first iAd revenue

I made $824 in “3/4 of february”. And I am very pleased to see an eCPM of $3.20

I am still happy so far with the result, yet I am a bit disappointed about the low fillrate, which is 34%.

At the time of my update, it was not possible to “switch” ad providers in corona. As of the latest daily build, it now seems possible that I can switch to “inneractive” and show a full-screen inneractive banner if no iAd would be available. I will try this to maximize my fillrate and report the result in the next blogpost.

Furthermore, it is not surprising that 2/3 of the iAd revenue comes from the USA, since it’s the country where most of the downloads come from.

RevMob revenue going down

In the meantime, the RevMob revenue dropped significantly as you can see below. The strange thing is that I got way more impressions, nearly the same ammount ofclicks, but way less installs and thus revenue. Take a look at the comparison below that compares January and February.


My only explanation would be that the apps that are “promoted” at the moment are either not very interesting for my users, or that they already have them installed. In march, it seems like the revmob revenue is rising again, so I will keep you updated as always.

So it seems like the iAd revenue compensates the loss of my RevMob revenue. I was hoping to get the best out of both services, and will try to further improve this. However, I have no desire to update Bloo Kid every two weeks in order to change the way the ads are working. So I will make one last update that re-includes the inneractive ads, and then call it quits with Bloo Kid. It is a much better idea to focus on Bloo Kid 2 instead 🙂

Another big promising Android Market

Like I already mentioned on Twitter, it might be a good time to get into the samsung app store. There is an initiative of Chillingo and Samsung that helps indie developers make more revenue in the samsung appstore. It is called 100 percent indie. I already signed up and am currently waiting that my samsung seller account gets verified.

Of course, I will tell you of my experience with the samsung app store in my next blogpost, so stay tuned!