Monthly Report July 2012

So here comes another report.

First of all I need to say that I was on vacation this month for twelve days, where the only thing that was related to my work was checking my downloads every now and then. I was nevertheless able to start some “experiments” before I left off, and I will report you of the results now.

I was very pleased to see July beeing one of my strongest months ever, reaching the heights of my march income. And that with me only working 2/3 of the month. I am still stunned by the sustainability of my apps.

Record sales

On one particular day, I had some record sales:

On the 8th of July, I made $477 on one single day. Unfortunately, I could not find out what exactly happened that day. I think it was just coincidence.

Making Bloo Kid totally free.

One thing I managed to do before my vacation was making Bloo Kid for iOS available for free.
The free version now contains all the content from the full one, but it still displays ads. I also added a fullscreen ad-banner that is displayed after every three levels a player finishes.

I first used InMobi to display ads in Bloo Kid LITE. Now I switched to Inner-Active, an “app monetization exchange” service. Meaning you don’t get ads from only one ad network, but inner-active picks the best fitting ad from a variety of ad networks instead, including InMobi.

Below is a comparison of one month with inmobi and one with inneractive (Read closely, it gets a bit complicated πŸ™‚)

What might seem like an unnecessary experiment at first turns into a rewarding measure if you look closely at the numbers.

I admit, making $180 a month with inneractive is not that much better than making $167 a month with InMobi. But as you can also see, I generated the $180 with only about a quarter of the ad requests and impressions. Meaning that if I would have generated the same amount of ad requests with inner-active like I did with InMobi the month before (meaning four times the active players), I might as well have ended up with four times the revenue.

July still generated 1 million InMobi ad requests, so only half of the people seemed to have updated to the new version. I will watch this closely and hopefully end up with more ad revenue next month, when more users updated to the new version. According to the Flurry analytics I included into the game, Bloo Kid now has about 15,000 active users in July.

Removed all Android permissions

I also removed all three Android permissions from my game Animals for Toddlers hoping to generate more downloads. It seems like people don’t really bother about that.

I don’t know whether they are representative or not. Maybe location-related permissions would have bestowed me even lower downloads before the change. This is something I might test in the future.
But as you can see below, downloads did not change noticable.

Removing permissions did not affect downloads πŸ™

Help me understand my conversion rates

I was curious how the conversion rate in android apps compares to the one in iOS apps. I was expecting that iOS users would create a higher conversion rate, since everybody tells you that apple fanboys tend to spend more money than android-guys do. While for one of my apps this might be absolutely true, there is another one which gives the lie to that rumors. Check the image below:

Comparing in-app “unlock full version” conversion rate on iOS and Android for “Animal Puzzle” and “Car Puzzle”

While the conversion rate of my “Animal Puzzle” is about 3% higher on iOS than on Android (13,4% vs 10,1%), the one for my “Car Puzzle” is nearly 7% lower on iOS (3,7% vs 10,2%). The only thing I can interprete here is that apple users don’t like cars… The rest is up to you. So you should favor Animals over Cars if you want to target kids on iOS πŸ™‚

How I spend my time (when I am not on vacation…)

I got quite some requests from people asking me how much of my time I spend on development, organization, support and other stuff.

This question is not easy to answer. It depends on what stage I am currently in. When I am working on a new app, then I try to keep organization at a minimum. When I just finished a new app, I only do development for bugfixing-purposes and concentrate on “marketing”, meaning I contact news-sites, write in forums, write emails to people I know etc.

No matter which state I am in, it mostly takes about one hour a day to answer my daily emails (both support-related and “business-related”, like deals with new Android stores). I then spend about half an hour reading the latest news from the gaming world in general and the indie-scene in particular (I’d like to recommend at this point).

I believe I also “waste” a good hour a day playing games (mostly stuff featured on, watching game trailers or just searching for (and listening to) a particular game soundtrack (or remix of it) that just came to my mind out of the blue.

And I should not forget to mention those blogpost, which can take half a day to complete! Speaking of it, that’s all folks!


  1. I suspect that the fact iOS users like Animals more than Cars could mean that there are much more girls with iOS than boys at least at early ages.

  2. Good one … πŸ™‚
    I am developing my first game and for putting the ads on them i was searching the web for InnerActive or InMobi. So thanks to you, ive decided to go with InnerActive πŸ™‚

  3. Great blog
    lots of interesting reading !!

    What tracking program/tool are you using ?
    (the one from the screen shots)


  4. Hey Jorg,

    I was really happy to see this post – I am glad that you are spending your time doing what you like and able to generate revenues from this πŸ™‚

    I wish you will always have this in life – as it is a gift.


  5. I suspect the Android permission change made no difference in downloads because users don’t see that until after they’ve already elected to download the app. Many user are probably inured to the notices ignoring them since they’re ubiquitous when installing an Android app. That being said, it’s probably a good idea to remove these since the update to the COPPA regulations in the US would impact the ability to use even the default logging that is part of Corona.


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