Monthly Report June 2012

It’s time for another monthly income report.


My income slightly increased this month, which is mainly because I finally managed to release Car Puzzle for Toddlers for iOS this month. I also managed to make screenshots with $ instead of EUR this time ๐Ÿ™‚

Total income on iOS and Play Store for june. iOS is still a bit ahead.

Given the fact that iOS revenue is slightly higher, it is interesting to see that my best-selling app, Animal Puzzle, is making more revenue in the play store than in the appstore. My only explanation for this would be that there are more people activating Android devices these days than iOS devices. And since I always assumed that most of my sales are generated by people that use the “search” to find apps, this could also fit into this pattern.

Animal Puzzle generates about $700 more income in the play store than in the appstore

So the only reason why I make more revenue in the Appstore than in the Play Store at the moment is because there are more of my apps available for sale. Dino World, Music School for Toddlers and Baby Sleep aid are all free on Android.

My Android Apps are available in more stores than only the play store, like the amazon appstore or the Barnes & Noble NOOK store. So in total, my Android revenue each month is higher than the iOS one. I just got no fancy charts for those stores atm.

As you might know by now I always tell developers to cover as many (mobile) platforms as possible. There is no reason to focus on iOS alone, so be sure to get at least into Android development or even better get a framework to cover multiple platforms from a single codebase!

Chupa Mobile

I recently started selling a Corona Particle System library at Chupa Mobile, a place where you can sell app components. I’m not sure what money the average developer makes using this service. I however managed to sell TWO licenses for the code in a whole month. Not nearly worth the one week of work I put into wrapping up the code. If this gets any better in the future, I will let you know ๐Ÿ™‚


I started another experiment and tried to sell OOORCS iOS at Apptopia, a website where you can sell your app and all the rights to it to another developer. Think of it as sort of an auction house for apps you no longer can or want to support and want some compensation for your work.
The auction for OOORCS still runs for about 20 days, so I’m still hoping that someone will bid for it. Maybe the minimum price of $3k was a bit too high. I will nevertheless keep you updates on this one.

Animals for Toddlers changes

I released an update for Animals for Toddlers that features a new location. Since the app does not show ads anymore, I completely removed all of the Android permission, like INTERNET or NETWORK_STATE. The update was released on the 20. of June. The timeframe is still a bit short to judge wether removing the permissions helped create more downloads, but here is the chart:

If the downloads continue like after the 20. of June, I would say removing the permissions increased the downloads (except for the first day after release)

Bloo Kid iOS with inneractive ads

It has been nearly a year since the initial release of Bloo Kid. So I decided to release the FULL game for free, featuring ads. So the only difference between free and paid are the ads. The version is not yet reviewed by apple, but this should be done in a few days. I chose inneractive in favor of inmobi, since inneractive is an app monetization exchange, meaning it covers a lot of different ad networks, inluding inmobi. So fillrate is much higher. It also features fullscreen ads which are said to have a much higher clickthrough rate.

I placed the ads according to my own guidelines featured in my ebook, to bring some move proof that it works. Since the LITE version of Bloo Kid still has around 100 downloads a day, I am quite excited to see how that converts to ad revenue.


At the moment, only Animal Puzzle is featured in Android stores other than Google Play. This alone brings in multiple 100 bucks every month, so I decided to bring more of my apps to other stores. I already partnered with ToyStudio to bring my puzzle to the NOOK store, and this will happen with four of my other apps in the next days, too. So I expect some more revenue increase in the coming month.

I am also working on another kids app where a friend of mine does the whole art stuff. This does not only make my apps look better, it also saves me a lot of time and helps me produce apps even faster. I also have more time to concentrate on my next “real” gaming app that I create using Monkey. I will tell you about this one soon.

So as always, feel free to ask your questions in the comments section of this blogpost.


  1. Thanks for publishing this series. It has really inspired me to produce my own children’s apps.

    You mentioned that your apps are listed on the Amazon and Nook App Stores. How do your sales on those stores compare to your Google Play sales?

    • Great to hear that I inspire you!

      My apps dont sell as good in the amazon and nook store as they do in the play store. The rate is about 15% of the playstore sales on NOOK and 20% on amazon though, which is still quite good given the fact that I have no extra work with it.

  2. Hi Eiswuxe ๐Ÿ™‚
    I see You finally release Your cars game to appstore.
    Has it catch any attention? or Animal Puzzle is still your #1 ?

  3. I was just wondering if you think adding Android inapp purchases for your puzzles, like what you have in the Apple app store would increase your Google Play Store revenues?

    • I have already included in app purchase for the android version of my car puzzle. I am monitoring the conversion rate for this at the moment, so expect to read some results in my upcoming blogposts!

  4. Congrats dude. I think this is quite the achievement. Iโ€™ve engaged into app/game creation myself just for the fun of it and making something and getting it out there. And I do think I speak for most when I say your evolution is inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚
    Feel free to check my first endeavor (a 2D โ€œRubick Cubeโ€-ish like game) and let me know what you think:
    Thank you!

  5. Question: How is 1000 downloads in two days for a free app? How is that likely to monetize with ads?

    • If you manage to maintain that download ratio, you will have 30k downloads after two months. Given that many of those people still use your app on a daily base, you will definitely see some nice revenue from ads then.

  6. Interesting report. I am glad to hear your income keeps going up; that is awesome! It is also interesting to hear of what other things you are trying.

    I would love to release my game as paid only with no ads because I can’t help but feel I am insulting my game by putting ads in it!

    Still, money is important so my actual plan is to release the game free with ads with an in app purchase to remove the ads. This way, the users can decide if they mind subjecting themselves to ads or not. Do you think this is a good plan?

    A video ad that played before the game starts like I see on web portal games wouldn’t be as bad as having a banner up all the time but I don’t know if there is anything like that for mobile games.

    I am planning to release my game on iOS, Android, and on my website. I don’t know if I should release it all three at once or release it on one platform for a few weeks just to help work the bugs at on one platform at a time (and I can fix the bugs before I release the other platforms).

    Anyway, just some of the things I am thinking about. Thanks for another great blog post.

    • I think the best way to monetize is to have a free version with ads and a full one without them. My experience shows that people nowadays are used to having ads in free apps. As long as they are not placed “unfair”, only few people will complain.

      I think it would be better to release your app for one platform first, so that you can, as you already suggested, work out the bugs. Or even make some changes to the gameplay.

  7. Hey Eiswuxe,

    Just want to drop a line here and say thanks for the information !

    And also want to ask if you have any analytic in place that would have an average daily user activity for your games?

    If you already mentioned somewhere, please let me know too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks !!

    • I will add this sort of information in my next monthly report ๐Ÿ™‚


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