Monthly Report June 2013

Welcome to another monthly report.

I’ll pick up where I left off in my last report:

Affiliate links

My monthly income via GeoRiot has increased from $286 to $338 without me doing anything. OK, I have added Brazil and all other south-american countries to my affiliate network, but their share in the total click-count is marginal.

Since I have more or less constant download rates (the “less” beeing discussed later in this post) the amount of people I send to the appstore via affiliate link keeps growing. That’s the main reason for the increased revenue. See below for the complete june stats.

after the “nasty” setup of networks, affiliate marketing has become a no brainer

You can see that the “top” link is a link to 100 Chambers Free, a mobile game created by my brother who runs codinsoft. I decided to add a full-screen ad in Bloo Kid FREE to help him get more downloads. Since the link is an affiliate link, I actually make money by helping him promote his game.

RebMob ad revenue

I also told you last month that my revmob revenue went up and down due to some problems with apples new “UDID”-policy. Now that RevMob and Corona sorted out their problems, my revenue from revmob is higher than ever. Be sure to read my older blogposts to see what I think makes Bloo Kid that “long-term-successful”.

For the first time I managed to make more than $5,000 a month with revmob

AppStore and PlayStore sales

So that was the good news. The bad news is that there is a slight “downward” trend to my app-sales. I have talked to other app developers and they can confirm that they see the same occurence in their stats.

I assume this is some sort of “silly season”. Since the “peaks” on the weekend are noticeable smaller, I assume people tend to go out swimming or camping or whatever during these days. Since a lot of my apps are made for kids and the parents are the ones who buy them, it’s obvious that “weekend-family-activity” is increasing and thus my sales drop. At least here in germany, the weather is finally getting better and you spend less time at home. So I don’t think that this is something to worry about yet.

So see below for my 3 month sales statistics to get a better understanding of what I am talking about:

Peaks are getting smaller, overall revenue is still more than satisfying

So right now I am working hard to finish Bloo Kid 2. It will still take some weeks until the content is complete, but working on the levels is super fun at the moment. Everyone who liked the first game will love the second πŸ™‚

That’s all for this month. Hope you like it, and be sure to use the comment section of this page if you got any questions!


  1. Hi, I’ve recently discovered the amazing prospective of mobile development thanks to yours study-case. By the way, I’d like to know if you use a Mac to develop on iOS or it`s possible to get a VMWare like iOSx86 on a windows runnning pc. And what`s about the 99$ annual fee for iOS developers?
    I would also ask if anyone has experienced the Titanium Studio, I read good things about them..

    • Personally, I use a mac mini to make builds for iOS. It is possible to use VMWare though, but I bet this is not in apple’s sense πŸ˜›
      What do you want to know about the $99 annual fee? It’s quite straight-forward: you pay the fee, then you get access to publishing your apps on the appstore.

      • Got it! There’s still one thing that I guess should be interesting to deal with: recently google has surpassed by 10% in downloads appstore but has only the half of revenues. Can you confirm this trend?
        I actually mean, could you post in your article how worth is google play and appstore just to see the differences..

        • Like all “statements” regarding downloads/revenues or whatever, you have to distinguish from case to case. At the moment, 40% of my revenue is from the Android and 60% from the iOS version of my apps. But there were times when the split was 50%/50%, an I can imagine some reasons why this has changed. I will cover this topic more detailed in my next blogpost, but I can already say that, for me, the google play store is crucial to beeing successful as an app developer.

  2. Hello. A friend just shared your blog with me and I went back to ready all prior month posts. Absolutely great job at sharing your learnings! Appreciate you taking the time to do so.

    I have 2 questions…
    1) Keyword optimization – Where do I start here….who or what tool (if-any) did you use to come up with the best words? I saw you use Mario for Bloo Kid Free and that it drives healthy downloads for you.

    2) Cross-Promotion – Have you any experience in this? Is an affiliate link just an Interstitial Ad? Did your brother’s app have to pay you to show up as an Affliate link in Bloo Kid?


    • I will post about keyword optimization as soon as I know more. I am currently experimenting with it and will let you know of the results πŸ™‚

      An “affiliate link” in terms of iOS apps is just a “link” that brings the user to the appstore. That link contains my “affilliate id”, so apple knows that I sent the user there. Affiliate links can be interstitial ads, “more games” buttons, text links or whatever.

      And since my brother is my brother, he das not pay me for showing the ad =)

  3. i was expecting update on the ebook with japanese keyword research :'(

  4. I’d also like to say thank you for the great info. I enjoyed reading your e-book and have been following the blog for ages.

    I’d like to ask, do you remember doing something in particular that changed your revenue growth or was it just a lot of little thing gradually over time?

    • I have “documented” all I know in my blogposts and the ebook. Most of the stuff were “small puzzle pieces” that make up the whole picture.
      But very significant was the move to make Bloo Kid available for free with ads. Since then, the ad revenue has become as high as I have wanted the paid-revenue to be from the start πŸ™‚

  5. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that even though I haven’t commented here before I’ve been following your blog since the beginning. I massively look forward to reading your monthly reports, following your successes keeps me motivated in my own developments.

    I hugely appreciate you taking the time to post about your progress in such detail each month. Watching your successes has genuinely been a huge inspiration for me. Thanks.

    • Hey Barry,

      thanks for the kind words! Great to hear that I keep you motivated πŸ™‚


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