Time for another mothly report. I’ll jump off right away with my iAd revenue.

iAd Revenue

Last month, I was very happy to announce my very first iAd revenue. Like expected, this revenue has grown a bit in march as you can see below:

my iAd-revenue in march is $1485,40 with an eCPM of $3.05

You can see that the revenue curve is increasing towards the end of the month. I consider the reasons for this to be the following two facts:

Constant download rate

As you can see, the game has a minimum of 5,000 DAILY downloads. I assume that the main reason for this is the fact that I have used “mario” as a keyword. Most people looking for a platformer on the appstore will sooner or later search for “mario”. And since most people find their games via the search-function, they will find “Bloo Kid FREE” when looking for mario. I have learned to “worship” the power of keywords. There are services today that offer you “keyword-optimization” for money. This alone should be indication enough to show you the importance of keywords.

The game is also completely free (with ads) and offers no in-app purchase stuff at all. I believe that this kind of “monetization” attracts a particular audience. Not everybody loves freemium, and freemium is not “the best monetization option” by default, even though most of the other app-developers want you to believe this (and believe it themselves). It highly depends on the genre, and one can easily ruin a great game with the freemium model. You cannot impose this model onto every genre that exists. Of couse, there are a lot of cases where this model works great, no doubt! But in a time where all the big companies concentrate on free-to-play, it might be worth thinking about targetting those people who don’t want this model. Believe me, there are still enough people like this around. That’s basically what Bloo Kid does.

High replay value

As you can see from the gamecenter charts above, there are nearly 300k players that share their highscores in gamecenter. I don’t have numbers on how many percent of the people use gamecenter, but 300k is already a blast for me!

Another very important aspect you can see in the picture above (and even more if you check the first 100 rankings in the game by yourself) is that many many people are true “hardcore” gamers when it comes to finishing all levels with three stars. When the game was released, only a few people were able to reach the highest possible score (252 stars). Nowadays, the top-50 people all have 252 stars. Those might be cheaters (I don’t know how difficult it is to hack gamecenter). But on the other hand, 50 out of 300k are few enough to exclude the idea of people cheating.

People picking up the game often to finish all levels with three-star ratings are the main reason for me getting many impressions and thus earning revenue with ads. With Bloo Kid 2, I want to “maximize” this effect. Therefore, the levels in the game will be easy enough for most people to finish, but gettings all six stars (yes, six instead of three this time) will take you some time. Since some stars can only be reached when sparing some others, you will need more than two runs per level to get ALL the stars. This might sound repetitive, but the things you must do to get the stars will be diverse enough to keep the fun-level even after you have beaten on stage several times before.


constant downloads + high replay value = a constantly growing “daily-user” base
That’s “all you need” to make money with ads. So it’s not just about the downloads / sales, but about making your users get back to your game as often as possible.


My revmob revenue has recovered (as promised last month) and is now at $4,683 again. All this thanks to the download / replay value circumstances described above.

Samsung Appstore

I also announced last month that I am making my way into the Samsung Appstore. The submission and review process has taken more time than I thought, and so there is nothing to report of at the moment, but I am very sure this will change in the next monthly report. So stay tuned for this one.

That’s all. Hope to hear some comments from you in the comments section 🙂