Monthly Report September / October 2012

First of all, sorry for the delay. I was too busy to write a report for September. So this time, I will combine September and October into one post.

Bloo Kid’s delayed success

I already told you in my August report how the downloads for Bloo Kid “skyrocketed” afte I made the full version available for free. The trend goes on, and this is the result:

After launching the free version, the total downloads increased by more than ten times in only 3 months. Not bad for a game that is more than one year old. I did not do any “marketing” at all for the game. It just picked up steam out of the blue. Strange app-store economy…

Bloo Kid’s delayed financial success

My plan was to get more downloads with the free version and thus generate more revenue with the ads than with the sales. Looking at the inneractive ad revenue for the last two months, this goal seems achieved.

Bloo Kid September ad revenue

Bloo Kid October ad revenue

With increasing downloads, the ad revenue increased by more than 3 times in October. Bloo Kid is now the sure-fire success I always wanted it to be. It just took about one year and three months…

A nice “side effect” is that now even more people are buying the full version of the game to get rid of the ads. The ads are placed very decent in the game and normaly dont bother you while playing. So this is a pleasant signal for me that people are willing to pay their money for my work. I got emails from people that say they already finished the game, but still bought the full version AFTER finishing the game to just reward me for my work. Wow.

Bloo Kid full version sales in the last 6 months

The full version went from 5-10 to 10-30 sales a day! Thats about $200 – $600 a month.

The future of Bloo Kid

I always wanted to create a sequel. Lots of people asked for it, and I would love to create it for them. But my first step will be to add iCade support to the existing Bloo Kid game, and Hardware keyboard support for the Android version. So you can get the real handheld-experience like it was meant to be.

I will also add iAds in the iOS version with this step, because I am sure that I can get a multiple of the current ad revenue from iAds. The fillrate for iAds is low from what I have learned, but I will just fill up the rest of the ads with inneractive. Of course, you will be the first to read about the results 🙂 This will happen in the next weeks. After that, I will jump right into creating Bloo Kid 2.

Repeating your own success

There are a thousand copycats out there. After releasing my puzzle app and reporting about my success, I noticed clones of my puzzle app starting to spring up like mushrooms in the appstore. Some of them added some more or less relevant changes to my concept, but most of them just blatantly tried to copy my app 1:1. Some even copy n pasted the description text from the appstore.
I was wondering whether they had a similar success with their apps. And I was wondering if my success was coincidence or if it could be repeated. So I created another animal puzzle app and released it two months ago.

My first monitorings show me that the new app is also very successful, but not quite as successful as my first puzzle. I will spend some time in the future to make some minor changes and see if I can match the success of my first puzzle.

My total revenue increased significantly after releasing my new puzzle app

So the bottom line is: If you make something successful, stick to it! Think about a sequel. I can tell you more about this once I got Bloo Kid 2 out of the door.

ebook update coming soon

I have also gained some experience with paid reviews and advertising of your own apps. This info will soon be available in my next ebook update which will be out very soon, so stay tuned 😉


  1. Your success is really inspiring, congrats.
    I’m curious to know how you finish the game arts,like graphics, especially musics. If you outsourced this part, how to control the quality. Please don’t tell me you have a designer/musician wife like other indie-developers I’ve asked…
    If you covered this part in your ebook, I will definitely buy a copy.

    • No, my wife is neither my artist nor my musician. But I must tell you that I do all this stuff on my own 🙂
      I started making music back in the mid 90s with the “Scream Tracker” Software, and continued to make music until know. I also started making pixel when I was still in school. So it was all a lot of practicing.

  2. Thanks so much for the reports. They have been endlessly encouraging and helped me to keep going through some pretty rough times. Congratulations on the success of Bloo Kid. Now, perhaps Orkz will unseat Tiny Wings and Angry Birds as the next mega hit! Who knows?

    Let’s drink a toast to a market that is about to explode in two months, and in the coming few years.

  3. First off, congratulations! Bloo Kid is my favorite of your games so I am glad to see it is doing well for you and you are working on a sequel!

    The revenue graphic is very interesting. I wonder why Bloo Kid has so many more clicks, ctr, and such a higher eCPM than, say, DinoWorld? DinoWorld seems to have ~75% of the impressions, but only ~5% of the clicks, and ~10% of the eCPM (for September). Very interesting indeed!

    • I meant to say DinoWorld seems to have ~75% of the impressions that Bloo Kid had.

    • Hi Luke,

      when you play the free version of Bloo Kid iOS, you will notice that I display full-screen ad banners after every 2-3 successfully completed levels. The people at inneractive encouraged me to use fullscreen banners, because they got a much better CTR. I dont know if people really willingly click the banners or accidently click them when they try to close them (since the “close” button provided by inneractive is very small…). Either way round, it helped increasing my revenue, and only very very few people (about 2-3 in TOTAL) actually complained about the banners.

      Dino World only got normal “banners” at the bottom of the puzzle selection screen, and they normaly vanisch quite quickly after you select a puzzle. So theres not much chance for getting a click.

      • Ah, OK, I understand.

        I think it would be unreasonable to complain about those banners since you give them the option to remove them for a small price. If a user doesn’t want ads and doesn’t want to pay a small price, yet still wants to play the game, then that user is being pretty selfish in my opinion.

        Based on your graphic, it looks like you are not using inneractive for Bloo Kid on Android. What are you using with that version for ads?

        • I use inmobi in the Android version of Bloo Kid. I would like to switch to inneractive, but the newer Corona SDK versions (which enable inneractive) cause some bugs in the game which I did not find time to sort out yet. I will release an update that will support Android hardware keyboard support soon, and this version will feature inneractive ads, too. So I can compare iOS and Android ad revenue again.



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