Monthly Report September/October

Another post, another apology! I did not find time (again) to write a blog post. I am considering renaming my posts to “two-month” posts…


Anyway, here we go. I mentioned switching from RevMob to Vungle in my last post. Following now is a detailed overview of the vungle results for the last two months. It might look a bit confusing due to the nature of the online vungle dashboard which does not allow to show diagrams for a whole month (or I have not found it yet).


September (click to enlarge)

Impressions: 21.067
Total Revenue: $95,28

October (click to enlarge)

Impressions: 17.020
Total Revenue: $94,71

Taking into consideration that Bloo Kid made only about $15 a month with RevMob on Android, I consider this a great result. ~$100 a month is not that much, but have a look at the iOS numbers now:


September (click to enlarge)

Impressions: 328.929
Total Revenue: $2913,47

October (click to explode … just kidding)

Impressions: 505.193
Total Revenue: $4823,21

So iOS looks awesome. While September was only a “half” month (starting on 13th of September), I still managed to make nearly $3k that month, and $4,8k the month later. So this looks like RevMob in its best days, with my daily active users still growing, so November might even surpass October.

So all in all, my experiment with testing Vungle was a success. I will keep you updated on how my numbers evolve further.


Programmers Art

With this part of my blogpost I want to dispel a myth. Many programmers I know (and many people reading my blog) say that one of the biggest obstacles when making a game is the lack of an artist. While it is certainly true that you need an artist to make art, it is also true that you can “create” an appealing look without having to rely on gorgeous 3d renderings or drawn graphics. Games like Super Hexagon or Tetris are the best proof. So I thought it is time to try something similar. While I am quite experienced at making pixel graphics and managed to pull off some decent “animal” graphics for my kids apps, I would not go so far and consider myself an artist.

So I started thinking about a game that could have some sort of “geometrical” look which I could create within a very limited timeframe. Once again I used Inkscape to create the basic graphics and GIMP to round it all up (gaussian blur effects for the glow textures etc.)

So after two weeks of work, my latest app “Super Glow Puzzle” was released. As you might guess by the name, it uses a “look” that is quite common among mobile games nowadays. The “glow” style 🙂

As you can see on the screenshot below, the game consists only of basic geometrical shapes with additional “additive”-blended glow-textures applied. I bet that (nearly) every person who is able to operate a computer is able to create circles and rectangles in a vector-art program.

Super Glow Puzzle – a game that took two weeks to make (and that will be updated soon 😀 )

The game has just been released some days ago, so I cannot say too much about its success, but the iOS downloads look very promising already. I have also included vungle advertising into this app as well. Next month (or in two months) you will know more.

Another great thing is that Corona announced Windows Phone 8 support, so I will be able to publish all my old apps on a new platform soon. Can’t wait for it!

So that’s it for now. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below!


  1. The most valuable info on Vungle, while I’m considering using it in my game soon. Big thanks!!

    • Great to hear that my infos help =)

  2. I’m curious where your traffic came from for this newest game. Did you do any sort of publicity effort or just put it out on the app stores?

  3. Thanks for this great post. Can you please indicate which tool do you use to get the reports? For instance, the revmob reports layout are not similar to yours.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Leonardo,

      in general, I use distimo monitor to track my numbers. The stats this month were created by vungle. The vungle dashboard does not offer that much options and you cannot show a diagram of the whole month, so I’ll have to do it myself (in excel or open office e.g.) in the future.

  4. Hi,

    Where your users coming from? (USA, EU, South Korea, Japan, rest of Asia etc.) Can you also write some percents? Like USA-20% etc.


    • I already got some “requests” to show where my income comes from: how many % sales vs ads and android vs iOS. I will ad the country breakdown you are asking for as well in my next blogpost 🙂

  5. Was this game developed in Corona or Monkey?

    • This was done in corona, that is why it took me only two weeks to finish it. Plus, corona annonuced windows phone support which makes me pretty excited 🙂

  6. Continue to read your posts and love them! Best and most useful info on app development out there. Thanks again for all you do and please keep them coming.

    • Thanks for the praise, Scott! Great you like my posts 🙂


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