Inspired by the epic Turrican game series, Hurrican stays by all means true to the original game while still being highly innovative.

Blast your way through myriads of enemies, explore the secrets of nine massive worlds and collect tons of powerups to increase your firepower in this highly explosive Run and Gun arcade game.

Hurrican is THE ultimate “Turrican Mega-Mix”, taking ideas from several installements of the original franchise while at the same time expanding on it’s universe.

Oh, and did we mention the two-player local coop-mode?

Remember: Shoot… or Die!!!

In early 2000, two friends (and die-hard Turrican fans) began working on what would become the world’s best known inofficial Turrican game.

After five years of spare-time-work and countless sleepless nights, Hurrican was released in 2007 as freeware. Hundreds of thousands of downloads later, the game has now found a new home here at winterworks, the company founded by one of the original creators of the game.


The game runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8. The sourcecode is also available as Visual Studio project. And we have created a nice DVD-Cover in case you want to have a boxed version of the game on your shelf.

We can not take over any guarantee for the functionality of the software, nor can we be held responsible for any broken keyboards / game controllers or any damage that the game or its sourcecode might cause, physical or mental…


What the players say

This is one of the greatest 2D platform games I ever played. Earthworm Jim 1,2, Pitfall – The Mayan Adventure, Vectorman and Hurrican!

Drazen Petrovic

Such a great game ! Loved Hurrican from start to end and still playing it ! Bring it to PSN/XBL/Wii U shops!

Julien Gonin

… I’ve played Hurrican only briefly yet but it feels so much like the old beloved game… And the graphics conversion is just SWEET! One of the best conversions I’ve ever seen. THANK YOU!