Developer Reports

We know how hard it is to start a business. Especially as an independent developer with no funding. When we decided to run a company in 2011, we were thankful for every piece of advise we could find. We were also motivating ourselves with other developers’ success-stories. And we immediately began blogging about all the stuff that did work for us. And the stuff that didn’t.

These experiences are written down here, to give back something and help other developers make their decisions. Welcome aboard!

Monthly report March 2012

Here it is, the (hopefully) long awaited follow-up report. The numbers March has been my most successful month so far! I’ll go for the numbers straight away. March 2012 has brought me a five-digit revenue How was this achieved? Like I told you in my February report, the google play store gives me some nice revenue. And I only had one app for sale back then. At the moment, I have two of them (Animal Puzzle, Animals for Toddlers). The sales in the appstore have dropped a bit, but google play store has increased. So now, both stores are more or less approximate to each other. I have a possible explanation for that drop in the appstore, but I need to investigate it further before I can tell you what it is. Sales in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store are quite similar at the moment This is developing just like I have hoped: I now have two big income streams. If one of them will drop dramatically, the other one will still be strong enough to bring in enough money to go on. You all might get it by now: The e-book I keep telling you about in every other sentence was created with the purpose to build another income-stream. This is one of the key-factors to be longtime successful with what I do: Don’t stake everything on one card. So here are some more possibilites to make money with your apps: Amazon Appstore Amazon has its own Appstore selling Android apps. Even though most of the apps available there are also available on the play store,... read more

Monthly Report February 2012

This article was originally posted at on the 9th of March 2012 Welcome to my new income report. It’s a little late this time, but I had to finish some stuff like releasing a new app. I’ll go for the graphs and numbers right away, so you don’t have to scroll down, check the numbers and then scroll up again to read the post 🙂   Separate curves You might still remember that I switched my animal puzzle to paid on Android due to the adult-ads issue. That’s why the following picture contains two curves: one for the App-Store and one for Google Android Market Play Store. I won’t show curves for every single app anymore but rather combine them for every store. App-Store (pink curve) and Google Play Store (blue curve) sales – click to enlarge As you can see, it was on the 7th of february that the paid android-version of the puzzle launched. At the end of the month google decided that it was the best time to ask for a verification of my account. They asked me for my address and I provided it. A day after, they told me that they were not able to verify my account, deactivated it, and asked me for a scan of my driver’s license or identity card. I proviced that, too, and finally it worked. But as you can see, Android sales dropped due to the fact that my account was deactivated. It took some time to answer emails from people who had problems buying the app at that time… But now everything is fine again.  ... read more

Monthly Report January 2012

This article was originally posted at on the 2nd February 2012 Welcome to my income report for january 2012. Today I’m gonna tell you what happened in the last weeks and show you some sales-figures that might motivate you, just like I did for the last month. I will also try to answer some questions that arose regarding my last report. The feedback was enormous and many people took the opportunity to ask me questions via the comments-section. Even though I answered all of them, some of you might have missed the information in there. So here are some of the frequently asked questions from the comments: What type of grant did you receive? I received what we here in germany call “Gründerzuschuss”. It can be considered a start-up grant. Normally, this is meant for unemployed people to help them end their unemployment by getting self-employed. So it applies to one person only. It is as high as the unemployment-fee that one would receive plus some 300 bucks for insurances. It lasts 9 months. My grant will end this month, but as you can see I already earn enough money to keep on going without the grant. So for me, it perfectly worked out. Are people pissed off by kids-apps that display ad-banners? I was very curious about that, too, when I started. What I can say now from my personal experience: 99% of the people are NOT. From all the 2.500 ratings that my animal puzzle has on Android, only FIVE even mentioned the ads: Two people complained about adult ads being displayed, which of course is... read more

Looking Back – My Recent Nine Months as an Indie Developer

This post was originally posted on on the 10th January of 2012 Introduction Some of you might remember how I started my indie-career earlier this year. With the new year ahead I guess its time for a little retrospect / post mortem / whatever. At the end of this post I will inform you about the money I made so far. I will try to do this on a monthly schedule, pretty much like KreCi does on his website. But first I’ll have to go into greater detail and tell you a bit about how I planned and funded this whole “operation”. The planning part is rather short. I was fed up with working in the video-games industry without being able to carry out my own ideas. My latest try, a browser-games company that I founded together with some former colleagues, went out of business as our financial backer lost confidence in our ideas and skills. I started working for another company but soon realized that I wanted to try it all on my own. So I: quit my day job (which was one of the best jobs I ever had until then) started coding I then managed to get a grant for a business start-up which consisted of the unemployment pay I would receive plus some bucks for health-insurance and stuff. It would last for 9 months (from mid may 2011 to mid february 2012). After that time I had to earn enough money to keep going. Shortly after, my wife and I got the news that we’ll be having a baby in december. Even though that was the... read more