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We are very sorry to hear that you are having trouble with one of our products. But do not despair! We are pretty sure that we can solve your issues together!


There are cases where other people already experienced the same problem as you did. So please have a look at the FAQ below and see if you can find a solution there. Just click on an issue to see the recommended solution.
All platforms - Additional content is gone after re-install
You need to execute the complete purchase process again. Don’t worry, you will not be charged twice, provided that you use the same account as with your previous purchase. You will see a system message telling you that you already paid for the content and you can download it again.
All platforms - The back button does not work
The scenes have a “child lock” on it, to prevent kids from accidentally leaving a scene. Try picking up the “back” arrow and putting it into the blinking counterpart at the bottom of the screen, then release it. This should bring you back to the menu screen.
Android - I paid for additional content, but it is now locked again
Please be aware that some of our apps are distributed in a way that there are a lite as well as a full version available.
Once you decide to purchase the additional content, you are taken to the Play Store where the full version is paid and downloaded. After the download, you must make sure to start the correct app to get all the content.
The lite version is not needed anymore once you download the full version, and it can be removed.
iPad - The app has no sound (anymore), even though the device is not muted
Please check the hardware mute-button of your device first.

That slider can cause some confusion. It can either be used to toggle the Sound OR to toggle the automatic screen-rotation. You’ll have to specify in the settings menu of your device which type of functionality you want.

You will always hear system sounds and alerts, even if the device is muted!

For more information on the hardware-slider, please consult this article..

Still Trouble

You are still having trouble? Then please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form below. Please specify the following information (as far as possible):

  • The product you are referring to
  • The platform you are using (iOS, Android etc.)
  • The version of the operating system which your device is running on
  • The steps necessary to reproduce your problem

We will normally get in contact with you during two business days.

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