Hi everybody!

In my last post I talked about Bloo Kid 2s recent success on Amazon Underground. Now, two months later, the story continues, with both the free Underground version and the premium Fire TV version picking up steam. For those of you not familiar with the Amazon Underground revenue modell I suggest the following read: Amazon Underground


Amazon Underground Downloads

Downloads went down a bit at the end of May, but we are still very happy with 31k downloads in the last two months. Especially with >250 downloads daily and multiple peaks over 750.


Amazon Underground Usage Time

Even with less downloads in May, the engagement time went up. People were playing over 4,300,000 minutes of Bloo Kid 2 during the last two months, with about 60k-80k a day! Wow! Remember that amazon pays you for every minute of user engagement.


Fire TV Sales

Ever since downloads on Amazon Underground increased, the sales for the Fire TV stick version increased as well. I can only guess why this is happening. Underground is not available on Fire TV, and some people might see the Underground app as some evil data kraken (not necessarily from R’lyeh though). So maybe people see that the game is popular on underground and then buy it on Fire TV.

2k people bought the game during the last two months, and the daily sales seldom drop below 20.


Those are some pleasantly surprising numbers. Revenue-wise, this means:

Underground: $8.515
Fire TV Sales: $6.240
Total: $14.755

That’s nearly $15k for just two months, making Amazon the most profitable platform at the moment. Again, I cannot recommend releasing your game on Amazon highly enough! Needless to say that we will continue targeting Android as a platform for our upcoming releases.

As always: Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section or write us using the contact form. Happy game making!