Thanks to my reader Csaba Nagy, I can now present you the first in-depth review of my ebook. I avoided taking parts out or highlighting positive points, so you can see the review in its full length. (It is also available in the comments section of my ebook page).

The review deals with version 1.1, even though 1.2 is already online (and 1.3 will come soon), but it nevertheless gives you a real good insight and might alter your buy-decision. So here we go:

In depth review of “Making Money with Apps 1.1” by Eiswuxe
This e-book is light on content however it often shines with valuable information unavailable elsewhere. It’s obvious the author spent considerable time exploring the various approaches to app development and app marketing. Successful ideas and strategies, especially in marketing, can often seem simple and readily available elsewhere on the internet for free. However people such as Eiswuxe create value by experimenting with those same free concepts and distinguishing, using real results and not just faulty logic, between the strategies that work and those that are ineffectual. Although a lot of the content is from his blog, I find the e-book is better organized and also contains additional information. I give the e-book an 8/10 knowing that my $30 will save me a lot of work and time. I also know that I am supporting Eiswuxe to maintain his blog and expect that he will maintain his promise to keep the book up to date and continue to include bonus material not available elsewhere.

I was surprised how difficult it was to find credible information about the financial success of independent developers, even in aggregate form. It was usually: most of the money goes to a few developers and everyone else gets pennies. I was so happy to find the blog by Eiswuxe because I felt, and still feel, it is definitely the best source of information out there. After reading his blogs, I decided to purchase his e-book for the extra information he talks about and I wasn’t disappointed.
Comparisons Are Very Useful, But Very Hard To Find

Although the e-book is light on content, there are places it is particularly helpful. One of these is an ample use of comparisons. Three examples: 1) I’ve never found anyone who publishes their marketing experimentations and strategies AND posts the results AND in such detail. 2) I’ve never found anyone who described the pros and cons of different ad agencies in such a clear and thorough manner. 3) I’ve never found anyone who described the pros and cons of different game engines. Discussions I’ve seen on boards were generally comparing only one engine to another, and were also biased towards the particular experience of the developers with the engine they use daily.
Other Credible Sources of Material Are Hard To Find.

I spent a lot of time searching for published material and the only useful source I found was “The Business of iPhone and iPad App Development: Making and Marketing Apps that Succeed” by Dave Wooldridge. It contains a tremendous amount of useful material especially for marketing with social media. It goes into much more depth than the e-book. [I also read, “App Empire” which was not as good.]
But what Woolbridge’s book is missing is the “personal” element, the day to day, in the trenches, experience that you can read in Eiswuxe blog and even more so in his e-book. In addition to the extra information in the e-book, the material is in one place which makes it more like a reference than a bunch of independent articles.

In summary, the e-book is light on content, but much of that content doesn’t exist anywhere else. Is that scarcity worth $30? That depends on the eye of the beholder. You might not enjoy this e-book if you’ve never paid $0.99 to access features not available in the free version of an app. You might not enjoy this e-book if you enjoy spending days and weeks scouring the internet for tidbits of information because it’s free that way. On the other hand, if you value your time and appreciate the value of information, then this e-book might save you a lot of aggravation. In fact, if this e-book helps you go through the process of getting an app into the app store…then this book is worth a lot more than $30.

To the more charitable among you, consider the time and effort that goes into Eiswuxe’s blog. Even though the blog is “free,” the time he spends on it is not. If $30 helps him to spend more time on it then everybody benefits. In other words, both the blog and the book are works in progress that are both going in the right direction.

At the moment I give the e-book an 8/10. I expect that Eiswuxe will maintain his promise to keep the book up to date and continue to include information not available in his blog.

Csaba Nagy

PS If anyone knows of other sources of financial information about app developers/development, I would love to hear about it (and I’m sure others would too). I could amend my review to help point out differences.