Adventures in the Castle

In this interactive picturebook kids accompany Sir Tincan on his adventurous everyday life in the castle
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Our 16-bit loveletter

A classic 2D retro-style platformer experience with lovely designed pixel-graphics and a full chiptune soundtrack. Now also on Steam!

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Arcade fun on the go

Looking for a small but fun mobile platformer?
Bloo Kid‘s retro-aesthetics and 84 challenging levels will keep you entertained for hours!
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Shoot or Die

A classic by now, this freeware run and gun beast is considered the best Turrican-esque game by countless fans
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Get Rich or Die Puzzling

Hidden deep in ancient ruins around the world, unspeakable treasures await!
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  • Bloo Kid World 8 Update – 12 new levels (5/3/2017) - Fans of Bloo Kid rejoice! Today, after years of waiting, there is a new update available for the original Bloo Kid! What started out as a small update to save Bloo from the 32-bit apocalypse has turned into a content update with 12 brand-new levels! Pickup the game now to be the first to collect all 288 stars! Depending on how the update is received, we will consider pumping out even more worlds in the near future! The update is available for iOS right now and will come to Android later this week! new enemies and challenges await Bloo in the brand new world 8 update
  • Two more months in the underground (6/1/2016) - Hi everybody! In my last post I talked about Bloo Kid 2s recent success on Amazon Underground. Now, two months later, the story continues, with both the free Underground version and the premium Fire TV version picking up steam. For those of you not familiar with the Amazon Underground revenue modell I suggest the following read: Amazon Underground   Amazon Underground Downloads Downloads went down a bit at the end of May, but we are still very happy with 31k downloads in the last two months. Especially with >250 downloads daily and multiple peaks over 750.   Amazon Underground Usage Time Even with less downloads in May, the engagement time went up. People were playing over 4,300,000 minutes of Bloo […]
  • Sir Tincan is coming to a mobile device near you! (3/3/2017) - Our newest app is ready to get released in a few days! We’ve been working behind the scenes on our biggest and most beautiful kids app ever! Sir Tincan – Adventures in the Castle will come to iOS, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Windows Phone on March 23rd! This lovely designed interactive picture book for children from two years onwards accompanies Sir Tincan in his adventurous everyday life in the medieval castle.       In 20+ different scenes your children help the knight for example to: care for his horse shoot with bow and arrows repair the castle walls impress the king at the joust or win the heart of the beautiful damsel of the castle A fantastic world […]
  • Out of the Underground (3/22/2016) - Hi folks! Today I wanna talk to you about: Amazon Underground Some of you may have heard the recent success stories of Halfbrick, Coffe Stain Studios or developers I did not even know existed making more revenue on underground than everywhere else. The only way for me to find out if this is all marketing or if there’s some truth behind it was to try it myself. As mentioned in my last blogpost, Bloo Kid 2, among some of our other apps, has been released on Amazon Underground a while ago. It took some time until this version picked up steam, but today I am going to present you some very promising numbers. For those unaware of the amazon underground program, here is […]
  • Back from gamescom 2016 (8/19/2016) - Hi all, while the world’s largest gaming event is still in full play, we are already back from gamescom and want to share our impressions with you! We have played quite some games and met some nice people while also showcasing Bloo Kid 2 at the amazon appshop booth. The first game we played was HUNTDOWN, a VERY classic 16-bit run and gun action game set in a dystopic future where gangs are ruling the streets. Be sure to keep an eye on this game! It even features a local 2-player coop mode, very much like Hurrican. In fact, one of the developers even knew about Hurrican. Small world!   We also sat down and enjoyed another great two-player coop […]
  • Wear your pixels with pride (12/8/2015) - We have great news for all of our die hard Bloo Kid fans! Thanks to the Amazon Merch program, we can now offer T-shirts sporting Bloo Kid artwork! Just click the preview below to be redirected to Each design is available in five different shirt colors, just click the corresponding shirt on Amazon. Please tell us if you want another character from the Bloo Kid universe on a shirt, and we will make it available asap.